The Battered Shield of Faith: The Enemy Within

Status: Coming Soon

This book is intended as a follow up to my original work, The Battered Shield of Faith, which is soon to be in its second edition.

When I wrote the original, I was still fairly fresh out of college and the doubts I had picked up in college were still fairly fresh in my mind. Also consider that this was squarely in the midst of the rise of the New Atheism. In addition to the doubts and uncertainties I picked up in college, I now had the likes of Harris, Dennet, et al chipping away at my faith from the outside. And I know many of you felt the same.

We thought that the rise of the New Atheists was the greatest threat to face the church. Certainly the swaggering pride of men like Dawkins, Hitchens or Harris was to be our finest hour. At least I thought so. Sadly, I am proved wrong..

Since then the Neo Pagans, who nipped at the heels of the New Atheists as I wrote the first edition, have risen to prominence. Furthermore, they have infested the church in a way that the New Atheists could never have dreamed possible. I am stunned to see men, women and even entire church institutions that I considered solid, entrenched in woke dogma.

It’s become clear to me, in light of recent events, that the greatest threats to the church in the coming years will not be external, but internal. The enemy is no longer at the gate. They are inside the gates, wearing smiles and greeting you every Sunday. They are teaching your children in Sunday School. They are sitting beside you in the pew while your pastor spews state sponsored, woke propaganda from the pulpit.

That’s not to say that external threats should be ignored, but the Church can’t survive both. Right now, we are like a submarine with no internal structure. We can survive external pressure. The Church has been doing this admirably for 2000 years. We can’t survive the lethal combination of external pressure and a weakened spiritual infrastructure. We will be crushed like a tin can at the bottom of the ocean whose insides are full of rot.

That’s the purpose of this book. These enemies within the church need to be countered. Church discipline needs to be restored and, as harsh as it will be, a certain rebellious element needs to be excommunicated before they drag us all down with them.