Plotting Strategies

Plotting vs. Pantsing

  • To Plot or not to Plot-I look at the differences between plotting and pantsing. Which one is right for you? Choosing the wrong style for your temperament can lead to disappointment, frustration, and even giving up on writing altogether.

The Three Act Structure

  • An overview of structure-I give an overview of the Three Act Structure, go in-depth with each act and finish by looking at some alternatives to the Three Act Structure.

The Story Circle

  • Dan Harmons Story Circle-The Story Circle is one of the Three Act alternatives I looked at in my overview of structure article. Now, I go deeper into the method and walk you through each step along the way.
  • The Story Circle in action-In this article I give examples of how the Story Circle has been used, how it could be used, and create an original short scene using the Story Circle.


How to plot with the Kishkotenketsu method – In this article I introduce you to the Kishotenketsu method of storytelling. Also known as the Japanese 4 Act Structure, Kishotenketsu is popular across Asia and most heavily used in Asian media such as anime and manga. It’s an interesting alternative to the western 3 Act Structure.