Graphic Design

GIMP is a free photoshop application for your basic photo editing needs. It’s not as fully featured as Adobe Photoshop, but it gets the job done for the price.

Canva is a simple, but powerful, image editor that allows you to create icons, logos, thumbnails, posters, ebook covers, and more with a few clicks of the mouse. I love it and use it to edit almost all of the images in my videos. It also has a video editor and sound recorder, but they are basic at best. The real stars of the show are the image creation tools. is a free clipart source where I get many of my images. Instead of paying for your graphics, you are shown a few banner ads, which act as your payment. should be known to most people as a huge repository of fanart on the net. If you’re going to repost the pics from Deviantart, be sure that the author has made them available for download and be sure that the image is being offered for free before you do. Some creators charge for their work. Don’t steal someone else’s work and give credit where credit is due. is an interesting online app that can take any photo and turn it into a caricature in a style of our choosing. is a simple site that can remove the background from any image you feed it. You may need to touch up some more complicated images, but it saves a lot of time.