February 24, 2022

Welcome back! It’s time for another website and channel update. It’s been a while, again, but I have a couple new articles and videos for you.

I have a new article on the art of Kishotenketsu in my plotting section for you. Kishotenketsu, or the Japanese 4 Act Structure, is a popular plotting format across much of Asia. It’s most prevalent in anime and manga and has interesting applications for western media if understood.

For new and teen writers I have an article on why you need to dive into your first novel immediately.

I’ve also opened a new section of the site with an article on love scenes. Specifically, whether you should write them at all. I’m sure this new content won’t be controversial in the least.

In the video section, I’ve uploaded a few videos on love scenes, including one age-appropriate one for teen writers.

You may have also noticed a new section in the header menu. I’ve included a new merch section of the website where you can peruse a growing catalogue of merchandise and apparel. These don’t all have to do with the subject of writing and literature, but some do. Many are interesting designs based on interests or to commemorate other important events. I just set up the page, so the offerings are sparse at the moment. But they’ll grow over time.

On to more serious business.

My release schedule for articles and videos over the next few months is going to fall off considerably. I’m seasonally employed with my day job and set to go back to work in better than a month. The nice thing about being seasonally employed is that you make enough in half the year to pursue your interests. The bad thing is that you work like a dog in the other half.

I’m about to enter a season working 10-14 hour days, six and seven days a week for the next 6 months. Add to this that my wife and I bought a new house and need to move by the end of March. We’ll live at the work camp with our children during the shift and return through the summer to get our house set up and ready for the winter. And this is in addition to satisfying whatever orders I get through the merch store.

As you can tell, my plate will be full this summer. I’ll still put out content as I’m able. That may only be one or two articles a month or a few video shorts on YouTube, but I’ll do what I can. I have another few videos and articles to release before then, but after that you won’t hear much from me until October or November.

That’s it for now. Good writing and Calamus Gladio Fortior!




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