January 12, 2022

Welcome back! Well, it’s been a while.

I’ve been focusing on writing articles and creating content for my new YouTube channel. It’s been more of a challenge than I anticipated and I’ve changed my content production schedule accordingly.

My original plan was to create three articles and videos per week, 12 articles and videos per month. This has proven to be far more work than I anticipated. Especially the video editing component. I’ve got the hang of my video production and I’m producing them in a more timely manner now. But I still need to scale back my efforts.

I’ve decided to scale my production back to one article and video per week, four per month. This will let me keep up with my production schedule and bank content to release over the summer when I’m back at work. I had also planned to start a writing podcast at some point. But I’m postponing that indefinitely and may consider dropping it entirely.

My writing and reading have also fallen off while I’ve been learning the ropes with my video production. This new schedule should also allow me to get back on track with that as well.

I’ve updated the website with all the content I’ve written and videos I’ve posted since September. I’ve uploaded 12 articles across 6 categories on the articles page of the site.

I finally have the videos up and running and I’ve updated the page with 19 new videos. Those aren’t 19 individual videos. I’ve taken some of my longer topics and split them into multiple videos. You can find them all here.

Thanks for visiting, and hopefully my next update won’t be in 5 months.

Good writing and Calamus Gladio Fortior.



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